a b o u t  p r o j e c t s
l i n k s
c o n t a c t s

l i z z i    p o r t e r
what can I paint?
anything you’d like to imagine. 
who do I work for?
everyone from a small children to multinational companies,
private individuals as well as architects, curators and interior designers…

previous projects have involved:

-ivory masks and acanthus leaves scrolling around a hallway in beauville,

-spraying wild graffiti in the creative meeting room for
a company headquarters in cambridge.

-flamboyant chinese peonies climbing over tarnished silver in new orleans.

-marbling a small chimney peice

-pinewood graining over all the walls in a drawing room in london. 

-collaborating with a 12 year old, painting butterflies on her blue bedroom
walls while she reads me roald dahl.

-a morning photographing and playing with dogs in a garden
so that I could paint their portraits in the afternoon.

-researching victorian metal work in the v&a for a trompe l’oeil gate.

-painting a leaf on a wooden floor board as if blown in through the open door.